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For more information about Jordan Plumbing and Maintenance LLC and the plumbing services we provide in the Durham area, contact us today at (919) 220-6996. We are happy to answer your questions and provide more details.

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Water Heaters in Durham

Offering competitive rates, flexible payment options and some of the quickest response times in all of Durham, if you need a water heater installed, repaired or a problem fixed then Jordan Plumbing and Maintenance LLC should be the first number you call. Our high-quality service is unmatched in terms of quality and we promise to treat each and every job we work on as if it was our own home. It is this committed and dedicated approach to all aspects of water heater work that differentiates our service from others in the Durham area. And truth be told, while we may be envied by many of our competitors, we are rivalled by very few.

Tried and Trusted Water Heater Installation Service for Durham

Let’s be honest about, hot water is one of the few things that a Durham home or business can’t do without. The simple fact of the matter is that hot water is a key part of your home and working life. Picture this scenario for a second: you wake up in the morning and find that there is no hot water available for shower. OK, so you endure a cold one. Then you arrive at work and realize that there is no hot water for coffee—a bit of a drag, right? If you want to make sure that this type of day doesn’t become a reality then you need to ensure that your water tank is working to its optimal level.

At Jordan Plumbing and Maintenance LLC we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality installation, replacement and maintenance service for your water heater that will cater to your home or business’s needs right away. It is professional dedication to our job which separates us from other water heater repair and installation teams in Durham and is the reason why we should be the first number you call when your water heater starts to act up.

Signs Your Water Heater May Be in Trouble

The simple fact of the matter is that, like most appliances in your home, your water heater will usually provide you with a range of telltale signs to indicate that it is not operating to its optimal level. This is particularly true if it is approaching or has passed its tenth birthday. If this is the case then it is possible that you have experienced some of the following indicators:

  1. Rusty colored hot water
  2. Water lodging around the base of your water heater
  3. Shower switching between cold and hot water inexplicably

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Need a tried and trusted plumbing service to fix your water heater today? Then what are you waiting for! If your water heater is acting up or if you are just worried that something isn’t right, call our Durham number today and let our skilled team of plumbers help identify the problem with your water heater and fix it in a quick and efficient fashion. We promise, you won’t regret it.