Clogged Drain

Don't Let A Clogged Drain Ruin Your Day!

Unless you are the luckiest person in the world, your home or business’s plumbing is bound to develop clogs. We won’t sugarcoat it, there is simply no way to avoid clogs if you plan on using your drains. Whether it’s your kitchen sink, bathtub or toilet, a clogged drain is a huge inconvenience that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Either that or you can deal with standing water splashing all over.

Now, you might think that the best way to unclog your home or business’s drains is to reach for the nearest bottle of chemical drain cleaner. While it may seem like an easy fix, the truth is, it can end up doing more harm than good. The chemical drain cleaner might make the water drain again, but for how long? It might only be a few weeks until the clog comes back to haunt you. And after repeated use, the corrosive chemicals can cause your home or business’s pipes to crack and leak. In our professional opinion, a pipe replacement is much worse than a drain cleaning because you typically don’t have to deal with mold remediation or water damage after a clogged drain.

The best solution to a clogged drain in Durham or the surrounding areas, is picking up the phone and calling Jordan Plumbing and Maintenance. Our courteous and fully licensed team has been proud to help home and business owners all over the RDU area with all their plumbing needs for many years. We have become renowned for our creative, cost-effective solutions with long-lasting results. Our experienced technicians are top-rated and know how to unclog drains. We are precise and take precaution. To get an estimate on our clogged drain services, call (919) 220-6996.

Drain Cleaner Services

If a clogged drain is keeping you from going about your day, don’t delay calling (919) 220-6996 and getting Jordan Plumbing and Maintenance's clogged drain services to fix the issue. Choosing one of our plumbers to handle all of your your drain cleaning services is always the best route to take because our professionals take any guesswork out of the equation.

We start by conducting a visual inspection using the latest, state-of-the-art cameras. Once we know the severity, nature and location of the clog, it makes fixing the problem significantly easier. Depending on what our drain inspection yields, we’ll either snake or pressure wash the clog away. Either way, we have the equipment and expertise to get your home or business’s plumbing back to normal in no time. We have the best drain cleaning service price around the area.

So, whenever you notice water returning from the drain, water pooling around the drain, very slow draining, a constantly running toilet, your drains making a gurgling noise, puddles of water around your tub or the smell of rotting food wafting up from your kitchen’s sink, call (919) 220-6996 today.

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